At game companies, brand identity is commonly defined by the game team and the publishers. The majority of the non-web graphic design work I do is for side projects including but not limited to the following.

Midcentury Lifestyle Graphics

In an effort to keep up my design chops, I try to work on small projects that are interesting and fun. This is an ongoing series of lifestyle graphics with a midcentury theme.

Beer Icons & Graphics

These sets were created for The Beer Advocate magazine to accompany 6 feature articles for an anniversary issue of the magazine.

Kitchen Clock Design

I designed this clock face to fit the built-in clock in my kitchen. I live in a time capsule house and wanted the clock face to feel as though it had always been there.

Podcast & Livestream Badges

These were created to define the brand of the community presence at Harmonix. The directive was to make something that had an 'updated vintage feel'.

Midtown Market Logo Concepts

These are logo concepts for a small gourmet market in Kentucky. Because of sign material constraints only the food graphics were used.

Digestion Graphic

I created this graphic for an article in The Beer Advocate magazine about how stomach bacteria digests yeast.

Cyclocross Bingo

This was inspired by a number of friends of mine who race cyclocross. I often go to their races so I created this after years of observing the cyclocross culture.