User experience has always been a prominent consideration in my work. I'm fascinated by how people navigate systems. Because of the human factor and the rapid evolution of technology, there is always room for improvement and innovation which makes UX very exciting.


My background is as a generalist designing and building web and mobile experiences from conception to fully built products. Early in my career my role was more UX-focused but opportunities in the field were rare so I stayed the course of the generalist. I'm encouraged by the focus the tech industry is placing on user experience.


I work with stakeholders to distill potentially arbitrary and granular feedback and help them articulate the problems they need to solve. Good internal communication in an organization translates to good external communcation. I advocate for organization and documentation on all projects I work on.


I'm a collaborator by nature and want my work in front of people before it's pixel perfect. I value feedback. It's an opportunity to learn and view my work from a different angle. Having a good-natured sense of humor and unlimited curiosity is fundamental to the way I approach my work.

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